Juz 30 Journal (Colourful Word by Word Quran for Kids)
Juz 30 Journal (Colourful Word by Word Quran for Kids)
Juz 30 Journal (Colourful Word by Word Quran for Kids)
Juz 30 Journal (Colourful Word by Word Quran for Kids)

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Juz 30 Journal (Colourful Word by Word Quran for Kids)

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Sana Iqbal
Juzz 30 journal

Loved this journal. My daughter is really enjoying the tafsir and the word to word element. Excellent resource for a young child to use to review their tafsir and recap what they have already learnt.


Juz 30 Journal (Colourful Word by Word Quran for Kids)

The aim of Juz journal is to enable a child to understand the Quran and form a deeper connection with Allah as a result. This book bridges that gap by providing the kids a comprehensive colourful tool to
improve their knowledge of Arabic - particularly the language of the Quran, reflect upon the book of Allah, and apply it in their lives in shaa Allah. The idea is to instil the love of Allah's book in their hearts so they can turn to it in their times of joy and grief. It not only helps the parent/teacher track a child's
complete Surah (recitation, memorisation or understanding of the Quran), but also helps track their
progress Ayah by Aayah


* COLOURFUL WORD FOR WORD MEANING - The aim is to enable the reader to understand the
Quran as well as to improve his/her knowledge of Arabic, particularly the language of the Quran.


* MINI TAFSEER - Before the start of each Surah, there's a brief introduction which clarifies the main theme of the Surah for some background context. Every piece of information in the Juz is well-
referenced for ease in authentication and cross-checking

* HIFDH/QIRAA'AT TRACKER - It not only tracks complete tracking of the Surah, but also Ayah by ayah. Each Arabic and English translation ends with a dotted tick mark which you can write a date on for tracking hifdh, qiraa'at or tafsir journey.

* ROOT-LETTERS EXTRACTION & ARABIC WRITING PRACTICE - with in-depth Arabic meaning through the help of Arabic dictionary. Only 4 words are chosen out of each Surah to expand Arabic vocabulary one by one - gradually.

* REFLECTION SECTION / QURAN JOURNALING - Because the purpose of reading and memorising Quran is to reflect upon it and apply it in our lives.

* ENCOURAGEMENT NOTES (Ahadith) to help kids moving forward without getting demotivated

JUZ 30
In the 30th Juz of the Quran. The prevalent theme is life in the Hereafter and the basic beliefs like Tawheed (Oneness of Allah). They describe Allah's power to create the universe and everything In It. It is usually the first part of the Quran that children and new Muslims learn to read. This is because the
Surahs are shorter and easier to read and memorise. They range in length trom 3-46 Aayaat each.

A4 size softcover book
Number of Pages (Juz Amma): 300+