Discover The Power Of Salah

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Discover the power of salah by Ariba Farheen

A powerful inspirational book for children to motivate them to establish salah & take responsibility for their salah

This content rich book is written to motivate, engage your children, grab their attention, with interesting analogies, and relatable examples 
If you have ever searched for resources for this topic for your children, you already know that this is a unique book. 

This is the book you NEEDED for your children, and now Alhamdulillah, this is in front of you. 

This is the investment you need to make for the success of your children in this dunya and akhira 

Do you believe that salah is the key to the success of your child?

Do you believe that salah will protect them from the harms of this world and influences of evil?

Do your children go to their salah eagerly or do you end up pushing them to do their salah?

Do they take responsibility of their prayer or pray only to get it over with?

This book will help your children

- Love their salah, their meeting with their Rabb
- Motivate them to take responsibility of their own salah
- Inspire them to pray on time, without delay, without needing constant reminders
- Understand the powerful benefits that our salah brings in our life
- Be inspired by the stories of companions and the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

186 pages